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Policy Information

Participant and Claimant Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to notify Cornerstone Benefits Management if your employment, union status, contact information, or salary changes. Failure to properly notify Cornerstone will result in loss of monthly payments and/or insurance coverage. Notification to Cornerstone must be made by phone at (224) 770−5307 and/or by email at info@unioninsurance.com.

As an individual Member of the union, if you have voluntarily elected to participate and pay monthly costs for coverage, it is your responsibility to understand the group policy and its provisions.

Monthly Cost Payments, Calculations and Adjustments

Loss of Monthly Cost Notice

If you do not contact our office within 90 days of your date of dismissal, date of retirement, date in which you left the BLET, there will be no refund for any monthly cost paid. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to contact Cornerstone Benefits Management at (224) 770−5307 or by email at info@unioninsurance.com within the 90 day allotted time.

Failure to Make a Payment

Participating Members for whatever reason may miss a monthly payment from time to time. The current plan allows for a 60 day grace period to make up any missed monthly payments.

Administrative & Transaction Costs

All administrative and transaction fees are included in your monthly payment. These fees cover the costs associated with, but not limited to, monthly cost processing, monthly cost returns, postage, policy correspondence, claims advocacy and other ancillary expenses associated with the administration of your elections. These monthly fees are applied to all coverages shown on the Summary of Benefits & Rates.

Included when monthly total is collected: Payment Transaction Fee 1.00 per transaction.


Why the BLET is offering these benefits

How it Works

Why Accident Coverage

Why Critical Illness Coverage